Mike Holmes Approved Homes

The Holmes Approved Homes Program

We’re proud to be Windsor-Essex county’s only Holmes Approved Homes builder. Our partnership with Mike Holmes, Canada’s most trusted contractor, represents our commitment to building it right the first time. At HD development group, our passion for quality building is the driving force in reaching our ultimate goal, an energy efficient home that’s built right. Our team dedicates extraordinary effort and time at each stage of every home to ensure greater level of building practices are met. This means working with the best tradespeople and holding them to higher standards throughout construction so that we can deliver a home to you that is built to last. Focusing on the areas of the home you don’t see are as important as the ones you do, which is the core reason our partnership with Mike Holmes fit hand in hand, as he shares this same vision.

All our Holmes Approved Homes go through an unbiased 3rd party inspection by Mike Holmes trained inspectors. These inspectors are trained on the most advanced technology and specialized equipment to conduct the most comprehensive assessment of your home’ major system and components. During construction they visit the home at 3 key stages to inspect all critical areas of the home to ensure the build is progressing to Mike’s standards. Upon completion of the home clients receive a Holmes Approved Homes certificate and inspection summary report detailing exactly how the home was built to Mikes specifications, otherwise known as Mike’s “stamp of approval”.

Visit the Holmes Approved Homes website for more information.